Oscar is such a weiner

ok I went to see the Oscar nominated Birdman today and I hated it. It had the worst structure (did it even have structure?). It was boring and irritating. Edward Norton’s character just disappeared. It was way too long (and I like Bela Tarr so that’s saying something) The tormented, ‘conflicted artist’ theme is so effing over worn it’s become a cliche of itself. And what was that girly snog all about? Oh just pile on another cliche while you’re at it …
I watched Alejandro González Iñárritu’s ‘Biutiful’ the other week and was so moved by its power – I can’t believe it was made by the same guy …

There was an awesome film in there somewhere; the Keaton-Norton plotline was fantastic and the Norton character fascinating, but they just dropped it.

I did not need to know that superhero movies are facile and Art is difficult and often unrewarding … if that was the main message. I mean,  duh…
What’s going on with great directors making crap movies these days (yes, I mean you, Mike Leigh, you who made Naked, fobbing us off with the dreary silly Mr Turner)?


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